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Are You Lights Out Ready??

By Admin, 12/19/17, 11:30AM EST



Here’s Your Athlete’s Opportunity To Transform

From GOOD TO GREAT in BOTH Competition AND Life!

Two Questions we often ask both parents and athletes…

1.Do You Wonder Why Your Athlete Trains in Club Sports Year Round But Still Struggles to Achieve More Success??

2.Do You Wonder Why Your Child Attend “Mandatory” School Workouts Yet Does Not Seem To Be Improving Both Physically and Mentally??

If either of these questions raised your eye brows Keep Reading and Find Out How Dedicated Parents of Athletes from All Around NJ and PA Are Crushing Their Competition Through Our Proven Performance Programs!


Space Is Limited To Ensure Maximum Results!

[Here’s How To Get Started]



YOUR Athlete’s Success Is Our #1 Priority!

Dear Extremely Supportive Parent,

By now if you’re here, reading this web site, it’s quite likely you are searching for the best resource to help your child reach his or her potential in sports and life. You’re not just looking for Coaches but Mentors who are true experts in the field of athletic performance, Coaches with a long track record of success as well as Coaches who genuinely care about your athlete’s well being.

As a former professional player and amateur athlete , I understand how important this type of program is for you and your child. Our commitment to your child is something we take very seriously, which is why we are constantly improving our training methods to ensure that your child gets nothing less than the best training in NJ.

We Guarantee results, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

At Lights Out Academy, you won’t find a fancy health club type feel, with fancy equipment, air conditioning or gimmicky workouts. We’re NOT about gimmicks, magic potions, the latest fads, or taking a short cut to results type program. Most importantly we’re not about trying to impress you with fancy BUZZ words  like “core strength,” “functional training,” etc. Nor do we care to try and talk over your head and make you feel less smart then we are.

Our #1 Goal Is On getting YOUR Athlete The Maximum Results In Minimal Time

This is What Separates Us and Lets You Excel.

We’re interested in working with supportive parents who have athletes that understand and value that success not only takes work but also commitment on their part.


Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re not strong, out of shape, or new to training. All you are required to do is show up with grit, determination, and passion and we’ll take care of the results.

We obviously excel in working with the athlete who is undersized, underweight and weaker than the normal athlete for his or her age. Because of our background of working with amateur to professional athletes, there is no athlete too strong or too weak to train with us. We will get you stronger, faster, more explosive and more confident, that’s a guarantee I am willing to put my name towards.


There are parents and athletes who think they’re too goo to train here. They are either not humble or complain about the investment while they spend their money on expensive cell phones, tv’s, fast food and other wasteful nonsense that doesn’t matter.

They let their ego get in the way of what they can truly become if they train with us.

To be completely upfront, Lights Out Academy has absolutely NO room for egos and rude people. If you are that person, just stop reading and close this window.

We ONLY accept athletes who have a burning desire to become not just great but a champion  in not only sports but life as well. We are building complete Athletes.

NO matter how week or scrawny you are…

NO matter how badly you’ve been embarrassed and beaten up by competition or by life…(I am a product of this one)

NO matter how many times you’ve lost…

Together We Can AND WILL Change That.

YOUR Success is what we live, breathe, and exist for. You will not only be trained with the most effective training methods but you’ll also get top notch nutrition and mindset support that will easily accelerate your progress ten fold.

All you need to do is provide the commitment, dedication, and consistency, we will provide the results, and that’s a promise.

Lights Out Academy has NEVER failed at transforming an Athlete. We tend to over deliver on results and prefer to prove it to you through ACTIONS because in todays world, words don’t mean anything anymore.

We lie on the morals of Honesty & Integrity, which are rare traits in today’s day and age, especially since everyone is setting out to brain wash you through flashy ads, gimmicks, buzz words, fads, and just straight eye wash!



If you are following our nutrition guidelines and training protocol, Within Your First Week, All athletes begin experiencing improvements in:


  1. Strength & Energy Levels
  2. Mental Toughness & Work Ethic
  3. Confidence & Self Esteem
  4. Speed & Explosive Power
  5. Gains in Lean Muscle Mass
  6. Reduction of Joint Aches & Pains
  7. Conditioning & Stamina
  8. Greater Nutrition Knowledge
  9. Increased Mobility & Flexibility


As mentioned above, we guarantee results! We stand behind what we do and commit to your athlete’s success as if they are our own child. We care genuinely about your athlete’s success in sports and life, which is why we push our athletes to go above and beyond the norms and really work outside their comfort zones.

There is NO way to cheat through sports OR life and expect to achieve above average success. It’s just not possible to take a shortcut and be successful. To achieve success above the norms you must be willing to seek out the best methods to help you achieve your true potential. Parents, you must be as motivated as your athlete is to help him or her achieve success.

Let us be totally up front, This IS a serious commitment on your part as a parent as well.

As you know all too well, successful people are always doing the little things that non-succesful people make excuses about.  Not to mention MOST successful people have failed multiple times and that is something we expect all of our athlete’s to experience. Failure is something that helps you grow.

The training at Lights Out Academy has been proven by hundreds of athletes. Even further, our training programs have been sought out by athletes from out of state.

Our training delivers rapidddd results in as little as 2 weeks through a training approach back and proven by science, real world experience, trial and error dating back 15 years. We talk the talk and walk the walk here, our success has come through years of training both athletes and ourselves. We’ve made the mistakes so your athlete doesn’t have to. We take you straight to the road to success.

We’re talking about success on AND off the playing field as well as success that lasts a lifetime, well after their sports careers are over.

The lessons your child will learn about life while training at Lights Out will transform him or her into a leader in their future, NOT just through school athletics.


Transforming Your Child Into An Elite Level Athlete Is NOT Our Only Goal.

We Help Your Child Achieve Success For A Lifetime.


Character, Confidence, Leadership, Honesty, Responsibility & Accountability – These are rare qualities among today’s athletes, and your athlete will learn them while training here. These traits are critical to his or her success in sports AND life, and we aim to help your athlete excel in ALL of these areas.

As a Lights Out Academy Student, Excellence in all areas of your life is expected, mediocrity is rejected.  Your efforts should be your best at all times, nothing less then 100% is accepted here. Anything less than your best will result in your membership being revoked. We don’t have the time or energy to waste on someone who is satisfied with average efforts and average results.. We respect that you or your parents are investing your money to train here and that is something we take VERY seriously.

But, Not Everyone is Accepted into Our Program. Not because we are rude, but because we care about our athletes first and foremost. Anyone who brings down the energy or interferes with the passion of your goals ruins workouts for the dedicated athletes we train.


This includes athletes AND parents.

NOTE to Parents:

Please understand and respect that Our gym is strictly for Amateur, Pro, and Adult Athletes and coaches ONLY.

Parents are NOT allowed to come into our training area as this has proven to be a liability and an overall negative experience for both the athlete(s) and the coaches with parents screaming from the side of the gym or trying to coach their child. No exceptions are allowed.

If you are a parent who is obnoxious, overbearing and interrupts our workouts you are not welcome here. Rude and overbearing parents make other athletes feel uncomfortable and ALWAYS ruin the workout for their son or daughter and anyone around them by intruding in their workouts and trying to tell the Coaches what is right or wrong. You are paying us to train YOUR athlete for a reason.

We are the experts and for this relationship to work you must trust us fully. PERIOD. Our results have been proven time and again, year after year after year.

Your role as a parent is to support your athlete in coming here and letting us do the training. If you’re in our gym, hovering over your child, shouting from the sidelines while we try to coach you will ruin the atmosphere for your child and the others.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Please drop your child off 5-10 minutes early and then pick up at the top of the hour. We hate when you are late!

At home we’ll need your support to help follow our nutrition guidelines as well as our extra flexibility and training to be done at home. Our program is a complete system and to make it work best the parents must be fully invested to help us as well as their child.


And Because We Are a Private Gym, We Are Selective Of Who Is Accepted Into Our Program.


Only highly dedicated, highly motivated athletes are accepted into the program. No exceptions. This ensures that every athlete training at our gym compliments one another and helps raise the bar for one another.

Showing up late, complaining, making excuses, etc. is unacceptable at Lights Out.

There are Coaches and Trainers  that would kill to be in this environment. This is YOUR opportunity to help your child get the best training possible.

This is likely NOT an opportunity you had as a child and many former athletes  and parents always tell us they wished they had this opportunity when they were competing. Well, now is YOUR chance to give your athlete his or her best chance to succeed. To make it work, your support and commitment is needed.

You Have An Opportunity Close To Your Home. To Think You’re Too Busy Or Your Child Is Too Busy Only Hurts You….Time Flies TOO fast, give your child the opportunity to excel NOW, not next season, next week, next month, etc….

Top Performing athletes and teams such as Anthony Peroni, South Jersey Mystics, Tri-State Arsenal , South Jersey Rowing Club seek out our coaching services as well. They KNOW we are the best when it comes to transforming athletes into stronger, faster, more explosive and more confident athletes.

REMEMBER: We GUARANTEE results and you can expect to see AND feel the improvements both physically AND mentally in as little as 2 weeks. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain for your child.


How Does Our Membership Work?

We don’t offer sessions or count how often you train here.

Instead, we offer membership which means Commitment from YOU.

We understand that building high level athletes is a long term process, not a quick fix that happens in a few workouts. The fads and gimmicks promise those lies, we focus on Honesty & Integrity.

All Training Options are Unlimited Training. Most of our high school athletes train with us 2-4x week while most of our middle school athletes train with us 1-2x week and if they are emotionally and physically ready, we recommend this as well

  • All workouts are Coached and individualized according to your athletes sport, his or her weak areas and the time of year  (off season/in season, etc)
  • Unlimited access to our gym ensure your athlete gets expert coaching each and every time he or she is here.


ALL Memberships are billed Monthly and renewed on the 1st of each month.


Need to Cancel? It’s Simple. Just E-Mail us 2 Weeks Prior to the 1st of the Month.


Sorry, we do not accept check or cash on a monthly basis as this has proven to become a bill collecting process. Our expertise is in Coaching & changing the lives of young athletes rather than being bill collectors. We appreciate your understanding with this. Thank you.

Of Not: If price is your main concern then we are NOT the right program for you.

While other cookie cutter training facilities try to undercut everyone else with price it also reflects on their lack of expertise.

Our track record of transforming and helping hundreds of athletes that have walked through these doors does not fit us into the Wal Mart of Athlete Strength & Conditioning.

You can go to the local big box gym or beautiful health club chain that looks flashy and nice but you will never find the expertise and caring found here by Lights Out Coaches.


Lights Out Gym Membership Options

All Training is a Minimum of 3 Months.

The Most Successful Athletes Train Year Round, Regardless of Off Season or In Season. THE MOST ELITE LEVEL ATHLETES IN THE WORLD TRAIN YEAR ROUND!

Investment for Membership Is Below, With The Best Value for The Parents Who Understand & Commit To A Year Round Training Program.

Middle School Membership: 3 Months + Auto Renew: $195 / Month

High School Membership:

3-11 Months; $250 / Month + Auto Renew

12 Months & Ongoing: $195 / Month + Auto Renew

In Season / 1x a Week: $125 / Month (NOT all athletes use 1x Week Training in season, Most Continue with Shorter Sessions & Unlimited Membership)


College / Adult:

$195 / Monthly + Auto Renew


In Season Training:

1x Week Training: $125 / Month


NOTE: If you want to train more than 1x week in season then you simply stick to our unlimited training.

Cancellation Policy is Simple: E-Mail us 2 Weeks Prior to the 1st of the Month to Cancel. NO Exceptions. Parents – You Will receive and Agreement to E-Sign When Becoming a Member.


New Members Receive a Welcome Packet with membership policy, nutrition guidelines, lifestyle tips, at home mobility / flexibility and more.

Please make sure you Check Our Schedule & Always Keep Up To Date on possible schedule changes.


In the summer time we offer morning hours and sometimes change the evening hours.

What type of Athlete is accepted into Lights Out Academy Elite Level Athlete Development Program?


These Character Traits Are Critical To Your Success:

Hard Working

  • On Time, ALL The Time & Committed To Your Scheduled Training Sessions (No Shows Result In Losing Your Scheduled Training Session, Please Call With 24 Hr Prior Notice, Certain Circumstances Do Apply)
  • Commitment to Excellence in ALL Areas of Life: Academics, Social Life, ALL Training, Nutrition, Athletic Performance AND Character / Sportsmanship in AND out of the gym.


Your dedication to your training and sport is expected in ALL areas of life: Your academics and character should be representative of what other athletes aspire to become. In a nut shell, you should strive to be THE Best. PERIOD.

Life Long Lessons & Why Your Child Needs Something Unique and Different Than Their Competition....

ALL athletes need to get the edge over their competition if they want to truly excel and stand apart from the crowd. Their competition is already doing everything they are doing: attending athletic camps and clubs specific to their sport, training in their high school or collegiate weight room, etc.


If you’re doing the same training as everyone else how do you expect to set yourself apart from the pack? The truth is that you can’t, you are simply meeting the status quo.

Our Methods are specifically geared towards the development of your athlete, turning weak points into strong points and developing athleticism specific to their sport.

We do NOT randomly throw together strength, speed, flexibility and conditioning programs hoping they will work by the grace of god.

Using tractor tires, Kettlebells, barbells, sandbags and stones are only tools, nothing else. I have personally seen other coaches and inexperienced trainers trying to use these tools with horrible technique which ultimately puts their athletes in great danger, ALL because they took the short road and copied someone from a video and thought it looked cool.

Lights Out Academies System has been developed through 15+ Years of training experience.  In fact Athletes from all around NJ travel to our location.

The methods used here did not come about from a weekend course or a few books like most other “coaches”. Our expertise has been hand crafted and molded, chopped up in a war room, battle tested and proven time after time with our athletes achieving above normal success time and time again.


Why You Need an Expert For Your Child

The way we organize our training methods and training tools together is what separates us from the typical athlete development program and is exactly why our results quickly sky rocket the progress of any athlete who is part of our program.

Many parents and athletic coaches try to take the performance preparation into their own hands by getting the same training tools, thinking the equipment is the answer. Tools such as kettlebells, tractor tires, kegs, sandbags, etc. Having the exercise tools does NOT qualify you as an expert.

For Example: My Grandmom has a weight bench in her basement, covered in dust and probably wrapped in plastic like Grandma’s prized couch, this does NOT qualify her to train you or other athletes. I have an item that relates to every sport in my garage but that doesn’t mean that I should be coaching each sport.

Before being accepted into our program, Both the Parent AND athlete are interviewed because we not only require highly committed athletes, but we look for parents to be supportive of what we do and understand that commitment to their athlete will be a long term journey, It is a two way street when it comes to our program.

Lights Out Academy Contact Info:

To Apply for a Membership Please Complete Our Introductory Training Form!